Why Don’t People Know this Stuff?

I found it refreshing to see someone being critical of statistics, and do some digging on their own to understand the real information.  Too often we take what we are told at face value.  I read frequently throughout my life, until I graduated from college.  I quickly became one of those “one book a year” people.  I don’t know if I was burned out from education, but it wasn’t until I was promoted a couple times at my first job that I found myself woefully falling behind my peers, and even those I was tasked with managing and leading.  I reengaged with reading the news daily, I found topics in society that interested me, and read some of my favorite books in my late 20’s.  I found myself enjoying the act of learning more when it stopped being forced on me.

That might be my biggest take away from this reading: individuals learn best when they are invested and engaged, and not forced to learn like they are told. That is why it was surprising to see him be critical of the individual who was reading the Bible.  He seemed to imply that it did not have as much value as reading Homer.  While they are different reads, doesn’t the Bible have intellectual value?  While I have not read the Bible religiously, I swear that pun was not intended, it has historical insights and life lessons on how to be a good person.

Encouraging people to read more, to learn more, is important.  I feel that any exercise for your brain is important, not just the kind I think is most important.

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