Empathy as a Black Hole Revisited

I realize my last post on this topic was largely a summation of the article.  That is disappointing considering the goal of these blogs.  This article is still an interesting read, but I find it most interesting how her speech, or lecture, about dark matter can be easily interrupted to fit the audience.

Yes, it is clearly a talk about empathy, and the invisible lines that connect every interaction and relationship on Earth.  Yes it can be applied to race, socioeconomic classes, and even gender relationships.  This would all be depending on the audience.  It is almost obvious the role getting proxmiate to an issue plays in understanding another person’s life, but as I have mentioned in a previous post, the larger idea of Ubuntu is at play here.  We should get proximate, we should walk in another person’s shoes.  Ee should first overcome a hurdle every person, of any one of the many subsets of the human race struggle with, seeing each other as human, and respecting that humanity.

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